Automation Equipment

In 2018 FMC made a substantial investment by adding a 4000 sq ft “assembly area” to its existing plant in Frankfort. Since [2002] FMC has been machining and building RIFAST punching head and feeder systems. {.com} The completed components are incorporated in automated assembly lines around the world.

FMC offers precision machined and ground parts in a wide variety of metals and plastics. On-site Heat Treating and Black Oxide coating is available for customer specific needs. We also work closely with leading industry coaters and heat treaters for specialty coatings and ion-nitrate hardening.

Our assembly expertise includes electrical wiring and installation of sensors; installation of pneumatic cylinders and airlines into prefabricated housings ready for application. All processes are under quality control/inspection at all times. Components can be bench tested to customer requirements, on-site.

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